Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Look

Hey girlys!! well I picked out my favorite spring look and I love it I feel so good about it. Hope you girls get some ideas from this look and enjoy it loves!!!

Hat from Forever21

Blouse, Blazer, and Black Under top from Vivi's

Heart Nickles from Forever21

Jigging's from Ross

Purse from Aldo

Shoes from Bakers


LaCara said...

Hey girl! Where you been?

Anyway, you look amazing! This outfit is everything! Perfect for spring, go ahead girl! :D


Sarah Jane said...

Love this look on you! I especially love the blouse and booties!

Sarah Jane R.

thickchic said...

@LaCara Hey girly!! gosh long story!! but I'm trying to put more time on here!! I miss it so much!! thanks love for remembering me!!

@Sarah Jane thanks love!! I love my two fave part of the outfit!! I'MA CHECK OUT YOUR BLOG TOO SWEETIE!!

The Dumpy Duchess said...

love your fedora! I'm definately following!

thickchic said...

@The Dumpy Duchess!! thanks sweetie!! ill be checking you out!! :))